Cooling Towers

VIRIDIS’s extensive resources mean that it can manage turnkey cooling projects, including pumps, piping, filters, dosing and any auxiliary equipment.
VIRIDIS’s scope covers the supply of materials and equipment, the actual construction, and commissioning.
Our vast experience in upgrading existing Cooling Towers and condensers constructed by any other manufacturer confirms our versatility and experience.

VIRIDIS can also provide on-site Global Service assistance, guaranteeing the performance of the plants we install (build, operate and maintain). This ensures that our Clients’ operations will not suffer due to poor performance and that no additional charges are made for repair or replacements.

The inspection and testing of existing installations is made possible by our highly qualified technicians supported by the most advanced technology and measuring instruments.

After sales services such as operations support, staff training, spare parts and maintenance, are what makes us proud of our products and services.

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