Plant Revamps, Upgrades and Expansions

In the event of a needed process-related performance upgrade, change of the scope of work or of the overall context of a plant, it may result into a necessary modification needed of the plant itself. Several examples of modifications are reconstruction, expansion of the capacity or upgrading the component(s) in order to maintain the plants uptime, ensure regulatory compliance, safety and compliant environmental performance. The following are also justifications on why an upgrade or revamp would be required for any facility.

Why an upgrade or revamp is required for your facility:

Wear and Tear
Wear & tear of components
Higher Cpacity
Higher capacity required
Input media
Changing of input media characteristics
Compliance to Environmental Regulations
Operational Cost
Operational costs optimization

 VIRIDIS specializes in managing all kinds of revamp and upgrading projects with an integrated platform to help boost the Operative Effectiveness (OE) throughout any asset’s lifecycle. Some of our various plant shutdown and turnaround solutions includes:

Upon completion of upgrades, VIRIDIS are able to provide the following benefits for the clients: