Energy Efficient Solution

VIRIDIS Design, Engineer, Supply, Construct, Operate and Maintain a complete palm oil mill with the focus on energy efficiency to optimise energy usage in process, generate more electricity than required and sell excess electricity.






  • To reduce process steam consumption
  • To increase steam generation efficiency
  • To increase electricity generation efficiency







  • Higher rate of steam generation
  • Higher boiler availability
  • Higher fuel savings
  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher electricity generation
  • Additional income stream
  • No changes to palm oil production capability


Process Improvements

  • Equipment design prioritizing operating cost

VIRIDIS is able to design high operating efficiency process equipment with an optimal cost.

  • Exhaust Steam Heat Recovery

An exhaust steam heat recovery system is designed to recover energy of waste heat from a hot gas steam. It produces steam that can be used in a process (cogeneration) or used to drive a steam turbine (combined cycle).

  • Utilization of Recovered Heat

VIRIDIS’s energy efficient solution includes utilization of recovered heat of a gas engine heat pump. Recovered engine heat is used either to evaporate the working fluid or to heat the supplied water.

  • Boiler Upgrades

Our boiler upgrades includes modification on existing plants or installation of new boiler that capable of withstanding high pressure in the system.

  • Turbine Upgrades

VIRIDIS provides reliable and efficient single and multi-stage steam turbines for mechanical drive applications with flexible design options to meet your power and steam conditions.