Water & Wastewater Treatment

VIRIDIS can offer end to end solutions from our team of water and wastewater treatment experts harnessing the power of world leading research and technologies for a more sustainable use of water, energy and resources.

Our skills and experience span across municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment with after sales support for spare parts, chemicals, operations and maintenance.

We provide research and development, design and build, equipment, operations and maintenance, and sustainability consulting services across South East Asia.

Our partnerships with Hydroflux also provides access to the world’s best wastewater products, equipment and technologies including:

HUBER Technology– a German wastewater equipment and technology leader
AquaConsult’s AEROSTRIP® diffusers– highly energy efficient aeration systems
Flootech– Finnish-designed robust, compact, high surface area MBBR’s
Organica Water– treating wastewater with a natural plant ecosystem
HydroThane– a European specialist in anaerobic processes
CNP Technology – AirPrex™ a Complete solution to the Struvite problem
Aeromix– award winning surface aeration systems

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