Oil Separators (Corrugated Plate Interceptor)

Oil Seperators

  • Using principle of difference in gravity
  • Suitable for treating oily wastewater
    • Separation of free oil from effluent water
    • Removing suspended solids from oily water
  • High density settles while lower density floats
  • Operates with corrugated plates and high flow rate
  • Tilted plate packs used to reduce cost and size needed, 45 degree
  • Low maintenance as moving parts do not exist

The CPI (corrugated plate interceptor) Oil Separator is suitable for oily wastewater treatment, using principle of gravity to separate oil and water. CPI Oil Separator supports high productivity gravity parting with corrugated plates, providing exceptional treatability even with a high flow rate. The simple arrangement of this technology makes it possible to minimize construction cost and simplifies maintenance.

The corrugated plates are positioned at short intermissions. Apart from the ability to provide high oil-water separation efficiency, this arrangement makes it possible to steadily treat rainwater even when the amount of rainwater to be treated is two or even four times larger than usual.

Compared to the PPI (Parallel Plate Interceptor), the CPI Oil Separator requires only about 2/3 the installation area, compact design eliminates any concern about plastic deformation. As a result, the CPI Oil Separator has a relatively low construction cost.

The CPI Oil Separator uses a moulded synthetic resin that is highly resistant to corrosion, acid, and alkali, such as FRP, and is suitable for water quality.