Palm Oil

VIRIDIS executes scope that covers the whole life cycle of potential project in the Palm Oil Industry, starting from performing feasibility studies, the Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Engineering – Procurement – Construction (EPC), Engineering – Procurement – Construction – Commissioning (EPCC), Engineering – Procurement – Construction – Management (EPCM) towards new projects.

Our services also extend to managing the design, engineering, procurement and construction of new Palm Oil Mills, Kernel Crushing Plants, Biomass and Biogas Power Plants.

VIRIDIS can guarantee increase profits for owner/operators with our performance improvement programmes. 

Palm Oil Mills

VIRIDIS manage turnkey projects for Palm Oil Mills by providing services such as feasibility, design, engineering, project management, equipment supply, system integration, construction, operations, maintenance, revamps/ upgrades and BOO/ BOT/ BOM.




Performance Improvement

Performance Improvements in Palm Oil Industry

Our performance improvement programmes reduce production cost!

We aim to provide owners and operators with an independent overview of mill production, operation, management and process quality control. 




Zero Waste Solution

We Design, Engineer, Supply, Construct, Operate and Maintain a complete advanced treatment plant to treat solid waste products and aqueous effluent that result from palm oil mill process to ensure zero waste production.




Energy Efficient Solution

Energy Efficient Palm Oil Mills

VIRIDIS Design, Engineer, Supply, Construct, Operate and Maintain a complete palm oil mill with the focus on energy efficiency to optimise energy usage in process, generate more electricity than required and sell excess electricity.




Biomass Power Plants

Biomass Power Plant

Organic waste generated from palm oil industries can be combusted to produce electricity.

VIRIDIS provides design, purchase, installation, operation and maintenance for biomass 

power plants. A biomass-fired power plant produces electricity and heat by burning biomass 

in a boiler. 




Biogas Power Plants

Biogas Power Plant

The energy contained in biogas produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen can be converted into electricity and heat.

We offer the latest biogas power plant technologies designed to improve operating plant capability, flexibility, competitiveness and profitability.