Bunch Reception

Palm bunch reception is the primary processing of crude palm oil processing machine. It makes preparation for raw material processing and treatment.Palm bunch reception process is finished at loading ramp. This loading ramp makes palm fruit unloading, cleaning, storage platforms, adopting all hydraulic segmented discharge.Palm bunch reception section make primary preparation of crude palm oil pressing, and enable processing of palm bunch efficiently.

Collecting the ripe fresh cluster from the orchard and convey by trucks, then pour the fluster into the discharge door after weighed by ground weigher . The discharge door has discharging channels, the upper and lower switches of the iron gate are controlled by pneumatic, Pneumatic control system consists of air compressor and pneumatic control devices. Start the control valve to open the gate of the discharge door, then the palm fruits will fall into the fruit basket car or conveyor.

Cage tipper

Cage tipper

Cage tipper is used to rotate FFB Cages and discharge FFB into Hopper then, to SFB conveyor.

  • Offer fast and smooth SFB discharges from cages to SFB conveyor.
  • Reduces operator workload and dependence.
  • Constant SFB feeding to downstream processes.




Cage Transfer Carriage

Transfer carriage is for transferring fruit bunch cages from sterilizer trail track to Cage Tipper rail track. It consists of mainframe that is placed on four wheels which travel along the pits on rails track. The wheels are moved by hydraulic motors and the cages are moved in and out by drag chain conveyor which chains are also move by the hydraulic motor. These hydraulic motors receive hydraulic oil from hydraulic power-pack.

  • Safe and easy operation.
  • Save on manpower.
  • Save on Time.