Chemical Dosing

We have been providing comprehensive dosing and control packages to comply with the requirement of a cooling tower chemical treatment.

Cooling water systems often offers a favorable environment for the growth of microorganisms. Microbial growth on wet surfaces leads to the formation of biofilms and fouling happens when no appropriate action taken to solve the problem. Fouling affect the performance as well as degradation on the cooling tower components.

VIRIDIS provides the solution with the use of suitable chemical to prevent fouling and scale formation that affect efficiency, and also helps to reduce bleed off. The microorganisms can be treated by pumping oxidizing biocide feed into the cooling water. 

  • Corrosion inhibitors – to neutralize acidity and protect metal components
  • Algaecides and biocide – to reduce the growth of microbes and biofilms
  • Scale inhibitors – to prevent contaminants from forming scale deposits