Fill Media

Our cooling tower refurbishment services include upgrading cooling tower fill media to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance downtime.  

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Fill is a medium used in cooling towers to increase the surface area per unit volume of the tower and to maximizes air-water contact which able to increase evaporation rates.

There are two basic types of fill: film fill and splash fill. Film fill is made up of sheets of material that the water travels across whereas splash fill is designed to interrupt the water and cause splashing. Pieces of fill can be assembled together to create larger blocks. VIRIDIS offers customized blocks of fill according to the thickness and heights that is most suitable for the cooling tower used.

The cooling water is necessary to undergo water treatment to remove excessive minerals prior introduce to the cooling tower. This is because the dissolved minerals contained in the cooling water deposits on the surface of the fill and this scale formation affects the efficiency of heat transfer from the water to the air on the fill.